A Blogger’s List of Superiorities

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NOB HILL, ALBUQUERQUE—After spending much of the last two months on the road for “Off the Road”, I have been amazed by much of what I saw..  Here is a short list of what I thought were the very best or most interesting or funniest things I encountered. ❤  BEST CHEAP MOTEL.  Although “cheap” is… READ MORE

ABQ’s South Valley: Big Plans, Lots of Traffic, Buckets of Paint

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SV - el paisa

ISLETA & BRIDGE SW, ALBUQUERQUE—Most of Albuquerque is laid out in a grid with main streets being about a mile apart.  This is not really the case in Albuquerque’s South Valley.  Oh, Bridge Blvd. runs east and west in a straight line all right.  But Isleta Blvd. doesn’t follow those urban planning precepts. In fact,… READ MORE

Artesia & The Big Hurd. Part II: Jose Zelaya’s Pop-A-Top Library

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Artesia 2 - mural aisle close

ARTESIA PUBLIC LIBRARY—It was a two-part move for the mural.  The first leg of the trip was to an airport hanger in Midland, Texas.  There the mural would wait for about a year in a climate controlled setting until the Artesia library construction could be completed.  However, there was a grass fire not too far… READ MORE

Artesia & The Big Hurd. Part I: The Mural Has Left The Building.

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This is the story of how Artesia, New Mexico got a priceless mural done by Peter Hurd…how the mural came to be, its removal from a building slated for destruction, the multi-year journey from Houston to Artesia, and how this gigantic yet extremely fragile art piece was inserted into a library which had been built… READ MORE