A Blogger’s List of Superiorities

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NOB HILL, ALBUQUERQUE—After spending much of the last two months on the road for “Off the Road”, I have been amazed by much of what I saw..  Here is a short list of what I thought were the very best or most interesting or funniest things I encountered. ❤  BEST CHEAP MOTEL.  Although “cheap” is… READ MORE

ABQ’s South Valley: Big Plans, Lots of Traffic, Buckets of Paint

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SV - el paisa

ISLETA & BRIDGE SW, ALBUQUERQUE—Most of Albuquerque is laid out in a grid with main streets being about a mile apart.  This is not really the case in Albuquerque’s South Valley.  Oh, Bridge Blvd. runs east and west in a straight line all right.  But Isleta Blvd. doesn’t follow those urban planning precepts. In fact,… READ MORE

El Corazón de Belen: Becker Avenue

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Belen - city hall 2

PETE’S CAFE, BELEN—I met Rhona Espinoza, Belen’s Executive Director of its MainStreet Partnership, for lunch.  There are two things I have to say about that: 1.  Pete’s Cafe was packed, but Rhona knew absolutely everybody in the place…well, except one person and that person was me. 2.  I have seen Bill Richardson work a crowd… READ MORE

Back to Barelas for Huevos, Repairs, and a Man with Bronze Skin

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back to barelas - bch sign

Let’s go back to Barelas.  My friend Sam Pillsbury and I went down for breakfast at the legendary Barelas Coffee House.  He, being vegetarian, had pancakes.  I had the basic huevos rancheros.  Apparently Barack Obama had the DeLuxe huevos rancheros when he ate here.  That’s where they sneak a couple of corn tortillas under the… READ MORE

Lovington: This Weekend It’s BBQ & Red Dirt Music!

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Lovington - Tabatha

MAIN & CENTRAL, LOVINGTON—I gave Tabatha Lawson a questioning look. “Red Dirt Music?” “Yeah,” she said.  “Red Dirt.  Texas Country.  That’s what they play.” She was talking about the band Reckless Kelly.  I hated to display my ignorance, but I had not heard of Reckless Kelly, Texas Country or Red Dirt Music.  I mentioned it… READ MORE

Route 66: Day #9, Final Day, Santa Rosa to the Middle of Nowhere. 20 miles.

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Let’s talk about math.  Today on the high plains of eastern New Mexico we rode four hours.  Hills:  sure.  Headwinds:  of course.  We rode four hours through it all working like two friends who had survived everything weather could throw at us. But again, let’s talk about the math.  In four hard hours we rode… READ MORE

Welcome, Adventure Cyclists!

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May 7th, 2015 | Category: Dining, Exploring, Undiscovered Treasures
AC - Jon

NOB HILL, ABQ—Starting this Saturday, I will be blogging on Route 66 as my buddy Mike Moye and I ride down that venerable highway on our bicycles.  We’re getting a ride to the Arizona state line Saturday morning and then we’ll head back east.  The first night we’ll just make Gallup, about 20 miles.  Our… READ MORE

How We Missed the Tour of the Gila

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SILVER CITY—It was time for the Tour of the Gila!  As we got ready to leave for Silver City, our plans went awry immediately.  We decided to eat breakfast at the Arrey Cafe, a wonderful place to get a good breakfast in a hurry and at a reasonable price.  Besides, we like the whole restaurant. … READ MORE

Are You Shopping MainStreet?

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December 15th, 2014 | Category: Dining, Exploring, Shopping

As Christmas creeps closer, we want to remind you to shop local. And not just local, but specifically, Shop MainStreet. There are twenty-seven MainStreet, seven Arts & Cultural and fifteen Frontier Communities in New Mexico. Each of them have great shopping and dining options for residents and visitors. Each community is unique and we know that… READ MORE