A Blogger’s List of Superiorities

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NOB HILL, ALBUQUERQUE—After spending much of the last two months on the road for “Off the Road”, I have been amazed by much of what I saw..  Here is a short list of what I thought were the very best or most interesting or funniest things I encountered. ❤  BEST CHEAP MOTEL.  Although “cheap” is… READ MORE

City of Albuquerque Shows Archeological Interest In……Little Beaver Town!

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city beaver - sunglasses

ROUTE 66, ALBUQUERQUE—About two dozen of us took a tour of one of Albuquerque’s properties last weekend.  Purchased in 2010, the Route 66 Open Space, as it is officially known, consists of 66 acres at the eastern edge of town as it enters Tijeras Canyon.  Old Route 66 passes right by it to the north. … READ MORE

Route 66: Day #3, Zuni Pueblo to El Morro. 35 Miles.

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66elmorro - tirefixer

EL MORRO, NM—I got up at 5:00 AM to post yesterday’s story.  The internet connection had returned to Halona Plaza!  Breakfast at the Halona Inn is something to behold.  They serve darn near anything you could imagine.  Their signature dish is blue corn pancakes.  Oh yes.  But what I liked best about eating there was… READ MORE

Route 66: Day#2, Gallup to Zuni Pueblo. 36miles.

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66Zuni - t-bone

Zuni, NM—Although there were only two significant hills today, I bet we had gained a couple thousand feet before the day was over.  But the big story on Route 602 this morning just had to be the astounding number of horse trailers pulled by speeding pickup trucks.  One after another they rumbled by.  It turned… READ MORE