ABQ’s South Valley: Big Plans, Lots of Traffic, Buckets of Paint

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SV - el paisa

ISLETA & BRIDGE SW, ALBUQUERQUE—Most of Albuquerque is laid out in a grid with main streets being about a mile apart.  This is not really the case in Albuquerque’s South Valley.  Oh, Bridge Blvd. runs east and west in a straight line all right.  But Isleta Blvd. doesn’t follow those urban planning precepts. In fact,… READ MORE

In Raton, I Get a Room & a Hat

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Raton - yellow hat

RATON, NM—I rattled into Raton and immediately headed for the old downtown area looking for a hotel in the historic district.  The historic district is not that big, and it quickly became obvious that there were no hotels in the area at all, so I did what a good many travelers do, headed for the… READ MORE

Route 66: Day #1, Lupton to Gallup. 23 miles.

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66gallup - cigarbox

GALLUP, NM—I didn’t think this trip would begin with high winds and snow, but it did.  Fortunately, the wind was straight out of the west and the snow was in the form of snow pellets the size of garbanzo beans.  No problem. In fact, the snow disappeared and so did the wind in as much… READ MORE

How We Missed the Tour of the Gila

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SILVER CITY—It was time for the Tour of the Gila!  As we got ready to leave for Silver City, our plans went awry immediately.  We decided to eat breakfast at the Arrey Cafe, a wonderful place to get a good breakfast in a hurry and at a reasonable price.  Besides, we like the whole restaurant. … READ MORE

Earth Day Celebration One Short Block From Route 66

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April 23rd, 2015 | Category: Exploring, Shopping, Undiscovered Treasures

NOB HILL, ABQ—For the 24th year, Nob Hill celebrated Earth Day with a community festival on Silver Ave. just behind La Montanita Co-op.  Famous for being a gathering of all sorts of colorful people, as well as those interested in issues of the environment and social justice, the Earth Fest is a street fair that… READ MORE

Are You Shopping MainStreet?

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December 15th, 2014 | Category: Dining, Exploring, Shopping

As Christmas creeps closer, we want to remind you to shop local. And not just local, but specifically, Shop MainStreet. There are twenty-seven MainStreet, seven Arts & Cultural and fifteen Frontier Communities in New Mexico. Each of them have great shopping and dining options for residents and visitors. Each community is unique and we know that… READ MORE

Holiday Happenings in the Three Central Regions

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December 2nd, 2014 | Category: Exploring, Shopping
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With the holidays on the way, there are a lot of great events kicking off in our MainStreet communities. See what is going on in a MainStreet district near you, or in one you will be visiting between now and Christmas! Here is a sampling of the events happening in the central, west and east…… READ MORE

Antiquing Fever in the Southeast Region

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October 24th, 2014 | Category: Exploring, Shopping

When you head into one of our districts in the southeast region it won’t be long before you see an antique store or two. Lots of these shops are filled with businesses that not only sell antiques, but offer recycled, repurposed, restored and handcrafted goods also. Cute names like Exhibit A, Penny Lane, Obtanium, The… READ MORE