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WPA & New Deal

Style: WPA Moderne

Quay County Courthouse

East Region

Constructed 1939

The 1939 Art Deco style courthouse is a four-story concrete, granite and cast stone building with stone bas relief embellishments depicting faming, cowboys, and the railroad -- significant symbols of the community's economic base. The building, built with PWA funds, resembles other courthouses on the east side of the state such as Clovis, Portales, Raton and Lovington. The interior of the courthouse features Art Deco style details on hand rails, grilles and light fixtures.

The second floor courtroom doors have aluminum bas relief embellishments with justice themes and above the doors is a large mural of Coronado created by Ben Carlton Mead and is entitled "I, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, Have Passed This Way and Left My Mark. -- Source "Public Art and Architecture in New Mexico 1933-1943" by Kathryn A. Flynn

301 S. 3rd St. | Tucumcari, NM 88401 | (575) 461-0510
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