Historic Districts

Hot Springs, Bathhouse and Commercial Historic District

South Region

Constructed 1950

The Hot Springs Bathhouse and Commercial Historic District in Truth or Consequences consists of about 56 acres encompassing much of the city's historic downtown and nearby mineral baths and apartments that served visitors who came to the health resort community between 1916 and 1950 when it was known as Hot Springs. The district also encompasses the locations of the approximately 35 artesian wells, springs and sumps identified in a 1940 geological study of the thermal waters of the Hot Springs Artesian Basin. Included within the district are 125 contributing properties and 87 noncontributing properties. All of the former were constructed during the period of significance or moved to the district during that period. Approximately one third of the contributing properties functioned historically as commercial buildings; two were constructed and continue to function as public buildings. The remainder functioned as mineral bathhouses or apartments or other facilities associated with the health resort industry. Reflecting the design sensibilities of many of the newcomers to New Mexico who settled in Hot Springs, several of the buildings exhibit modest bungalow details. Many of the buildings dating to the latter decades of the period of significance exhibit details associated with the Southwest Vernacular and Commercial styles while others embody elements associated with the Spanish-Pueblo Revival idiom.

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